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Riverside: Public Health Microbiologist II

Riverside County PHL


Under general supervision, to conduct and interpret the full range of complex microbiological tests in the field of communicable disease and environmental sanitation; to assist in the training of other laboratory personnel; and to perform other work as required.

The Public Health Microbiologist II is the fully qualified journey level class of this series. This class is responsible for the full range of laboratory procedures of above average difficulty using more complex procedures and gain a technical knowledge within an assigned area of specialization. This class differs from the Public Health Microbiologist I in that the latter performs standardized tests of average difficulty using well defined procedures while developing the experience to perform at the fully qualified level. The Public Health Microbiologist II is distinguished from the Supervising Public Health Microbiologist in that the latter coordinates day-to-day operation of the lab and has full supervision of professional and technical staff and their work.

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