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San Diego: Public Health Microbiologist

San Diego County

The Health and Human Services Agency's Public Health Services (PHS), which holds national accreditation for public health services from the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB), is one of the largest and most complex public health laboratories in California.  PHS is seeking a mission-driven candidate who wants to make a difference in community health. The Public Health Laboratory provides quality laboratory services to protect community health and prevent the spread of disease.  

The Public Health Laboratory serves TB and STD public health clinics, community epidemiology, local hospitals and health care providers, county agencies including, Juvenile and Adult Detention, Department of Environmental Health and Animal Services.  This lab performs a wide variety of testing, such as rabies, enteric diseases, molecular diagnostic assays, and beach and bay bacteriological levels. The Public Health Microbiologist is responsible for conducting a wide variety of clinical diagnostic and microbiological tests on specimens from humans, animals, environmental, and food sources. Incumbents in this class are fully certified as Public Health Microbiologists.  

Click here to review the complete job description for a Public Health Microbiologist.

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