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San Luis Obispo: Public Health Microbiologist I -Temporary

San Luis Obispo Public Health Lab

The County of San Luis Obispo's Health Department is hiring a Temporary Public Health Microbiologist I. Public Health Microbiologist I is part of a career series for Public Health Microbiologist I and II. Classes in this series perform a variety of microbiological and chemical tests in a public health laboratory; and does other related work as required. Typical Tasks and Representative Duties

Performs microbiological and chemical examinations for the detection, identification and control of microbial disease agents and other impurities, including bacteriological, chemical, serological, parasitological, mycological, and viral tests, using a variety of laboratory equipment; keeps accurate records and prepares reports of examinations; prepares or supervises preparation of stains, media and reagents; advises health personnel and public regarding proper methods of specimen collection and transport; reviews professional literature and relays pertinent information; assists in training laboratory personnel; assists in the development of new procedures.

View posting and apply here.

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