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Orange County: Public Health Microbiologist II

Orange County Public Health Laboratory

Department: Health Care Agency

Open date: April12, 2024

Application Deadline: Continuous


HCA is recruiting for a Public Health Microbiologist (PHM) II to perform complex standardized microbiological testing in areas such as: bacteriology, mycobacteriology (TB), parasitology, virology, and water quality for the detection of communicable disease-causing agents. The incumbents will be critical in maintaining the quality of testing that Orange County Public Health Laboratory provides to a variety of clients and programs.

The duties of the PHM II include, but are not limited to:

  • Provide high quality, public health laboratory services to clients

  • Conduct technical laboratory testing and analysis of a standardized and generally recurring nature using well defined procedures

  • Evaluate, validate, and/or verify new laboratory testing methods

  • Work with laboratory instruments and equipment including calibration and troubleshooting

  • Act as a technical expert for assigned areas and provide consultation to clients

  • Train, review, and oversee the work of PHM I(s), Laboratory Assistants, or PHM Trainees


The ideal candidate will possess the following core competencies:

Technical Knowledge | Technical Experience 

  • Advanced knowledge of microbiological and serological concepts, principles, and techniques that can be applied to public health laboratory testing

  • Utilizing and training on traditional microbiological and molecular methods to test and analyze communicable disease organisms such as Hepatitis, HIV, Tuberculosis, Salmonella, Gonorrhea, and Influenza

  • Applying universal precautions to laboratory hazards associated with laboratory testing

  • Understanding and following policies, processes and procedures for the handling of specimens containing agents of concern such as: blood, sputum, stool, and others

  • Utilizing the Laboratory Information System at different phases of the testing process

  • Conducting different and complex microbiological testing/examination methods and interpreting results for accurate identification of infectious agents

  • Operating technical laboratory equipment and performing routine functional checks; adhering to safety rules and precautions 

  • Performing, recording, and reviewing quality control activities; following appropriate regulations, policies and procedures; and adhering to quality assurance program guidelines

  • Understanding quality improvement and making recommendations for improving processes in the laboratory

  • Cross-training in different laboratory testing sections to be able to provide backup testing in the event of a public health incident or emergency

Written & Oral Communication Skills

  • Writing standard operating procedures or policies for departmental tests or methods as needed

  • Communicating professionally and tactfully with clients when giving/explaining laboratory results and answering technical questions

  • Communicating professionally with vendors or sales representatives regarding laboratory supplies or equipment as needed

  • Adapting communication style depending on audience (client, peer, management, etc.)

Planning & Organization 

  • Planning, organizing, and prioritizing work to meet established deadlines

  • Setting objectives and goals to achieve maximum productivity

  • Maintaining proper documentation of equipment records

  • Developing, utilizing and maintaining effective systems to manage multiple tasks and track information, equipment records, quality controls, business goals, etc.

  • Strong attention to detail and monitors and checks work; plans and organizes time and resources efficiently

Leadership | Teamwork 

  • Facilitating, motivating, and supporting others to realize common goals

  • Constructing positive relationships at all levels based on trust and respect

  • Monitoring and sharing opportunities to improved processes and plans

  • Helping staff acquire and apply new knowledge, skills and attitudes by explaining, modeling and giving effective examples

Click here to see the posting and apply - Public Health Microbiologist II

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