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CDPH-VRDL: Biosafety Officer (Contract position/Heluna)


The Biosafety Officer (BSO) will promote laboratory biosafety and general safety using multiple strategies such as: 1) developing and updating biosafety guidance documents, operating procedures, and risk assessments and mitigation plans; 2) providing biosafety training to new employees and annual refresher biosafety trainings for all VRDL staff; 3) conducting seminars, drills, and training exercises relating to safety education and compliance; 4) leading monthly VRDL Safety Committee meetings, conducting safety assessments and audits; 5) providing individual biosafety training and refresher training as needed for VRDL staff. The BSO does not directly supervise staff, but works closely with the VRDL Program Chief, Section Chiefs, and Supervisors to promote and advocate for a safe working environment and culture where safety is the overarching principle. The BSO reports directly to the VRDL Program Chief.

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