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Monterey County: Laboratory Assistant

Monterey County

The Monterey County Public Health and Consolidated Chemistry Laboratory is seeking to fill a full-time Laboratory Assistant position.  Laboratory Assistants perform a variety of routine laboratory procedures including:  cleaning, sterilizing, receiving and logging in samples/specimens; entering data into computer software; assisting with laboratory office duties as needed; preparing laboratory media, reagents and solutions; assembling sample/specimen collection kits; preparing samples/specimens for analysis by microbiologists, chemist and water quality analyst; taking inventory of and assisting with ordering laboratory supplies; maintaining laboratory equipment; performing standardized bacteriological, chemical and physical laboratory examinations; preparing animal brains for rabies examination; assisting microbiologists, chemist and water quality analyst with application of quality control standards; communicating with County programs and hospital or laboratory personnel as needed.

Click here to review the posting and apply!

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