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Orange County: Supervising Public Health Microbiologist

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Orange County Public Health Laboratory

Job Title: Supervising Public Health Microbiologist - Job Opportunities | County of Orange Careers (

Department: Health Care Agency

Open date: October 19, 2023

Application Deadline: Continuous


Health Care Agency is recruiting for a Supervising Public Health Microbiologist (SPHM). Incumbents in this class are assigned duties performing difficult and complex testing and analysis, working on special projects or studies wherein protocol or procedures are not standardized, and creating special procedures or techniques requiring specialized training or experience. Additionally, they may be assigned to a specialized laboratory unit. Provide lead supervision and training for Laboratory Assistants


The ideal candidate will have an expert level of knowledge in Bacteriology and Bioterrorism and have an understanding of how to operate a Biosafety Level- 3 laboratory and be able to identify safety issues.

This position in particular acts as the Bioterrorism Coordinator for the Laboratory Response Network and the Principal Investigator for the Federal Select Agent Program responsible for testing of bioterrorism agents and toxins.

In addition, the ideal candidate will possess the following core competencies:

Technical Knowledge

  • Advanced knowledge of microbiological concepts, principles, and techniques that can be applied to public health laboratory testing

  • Utilizing and training on traditional microbiological and molecular methods to test and analyze communicable disease organisms such as Hepatitis, HIV, Tuberculosis, Salmonella, Gonorrhea, and Influenza traditional microbiological and molecular methods

  • Applying universal precautions to laboratory hazards associated with laboratory testing

  • Understanding and following policies, processes and procedures for the handling and appropriateness of specimens containing agents of concern such as: blood, sputum, stool, and others

  • Conducting different and complex microbiological testing/examination methods and interpreting results for accurate identification of agents

  • Operating technical laboratory equipment, performing routine functional checks, and maintaining proper documentation

  • Utilizing the Laboratory Information System at different phases of the testing process

Written and Oral Communication Skills

  • Writing standard operating procedures or policies for departmental tests or methods as needed

  • Communicating with Lab Manager and Director to provide updates

  • Coordinating and communicating with other internal supervisors

  • Communicating professionally with clients (e.g., epidemiologists, physicians, etc.) and staff when giving/explaining laboratory results and answering technical questions

  • Communicating professionally with vendors or sales representatives regarding laboratory supplies or equipment as needed

Problem Solving and Critical Thinking

  • Prioritizing work and meeting established deadline by setting objectives and goals to achieve maximum productivity

  • Overseeing and ensuring that technical work is completed within turnaround time

  • Developing and maintaining effective systems to manage multiple tasks and track information


  • Supervising and monitoring a team of staff, which includes employees within the Public Health Microbiologist I, Public Health Microbiologist II and Lab Assistant classifications

  • Mentoring staff

  • Writing and conducting performance evaluations of staff

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