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Los Angeles County PHL

Department: Public Health

Posted date: 05/09/2024

Application deadline: continuous

Positions allocable to this class work under the technical and administrative direction of a medical technology supervisor, a public health microbiology supervisor in the public health laboratories, or higher level laboratory personnel. Incumbents provide technical and administrative supervision to a group of Laboratory Assistants in an organizationally distinct laboratory support service unit operating only one shift a day, such as the media manufacturing activity in the Public Health Laboratories, or a centralized pool out of which personnel are assigned to individual operating laboratory units. Incumbents work closely with laboratory management in formulating, modifying, implementing, and coordinating day-to-day operating procedures. These positions are responsible for planning work schedules, assignments, and job rotational practices, training and evaluation of Laboratory Assistants, and effectively recommending disciplinary action and the adjustment of employee grievances.

Essential Job Functions

  • Plans work schedules and assigns Laboratory Assistant/Laboratory Attendant personnel to laboratory units or work stations within a laboratory support unit on the basis of such factors as workload, the number of employees available, their qualifications, and the extent of their training in the procedures involved.

  • Plans, develops and conducts an orientation program for newly assigned Laboratory Assistants/Laboratory Attendants and trains them in the specific procedures established by laboratory management for the performance of the work.

  • Evaluates the work of all Laboratory Assistants/Laboratory Attendants assigned to the unit supervised and counsels them on steps they may need to take to improve their performance; effectively recommends or initiates disciplinary action and the adjustment of employee grievances.

  • Confers with medical technology supervisors or public health microbiology supervisors to determine the level of Laboratory Assistant performance and initiates appropriate corrective action in cases where any aspect of performance is considered to be less than satisfactory.

  • Plans, organizes, and directs the work of a group of Laboratory Assistants in a media manufacturing unit to assure that sufficient quantities and kinds of media are produced and maintained in stock to meet in a timely manner the estimated needs of all laboratory units served.

  • Prepares, finalizes and updates detailed written instructions covering all procedures approved for the compounding of media and other solutions, of which the unit supervised is responsible, or for the preparation and processing by Laboratory Assistants of varied specimens in each of the specialized laboratories being served; maintains such procedures in manual form for common reference.

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