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CDPH-MDL: Public Health Microbiologist I


The Public Health Microbiologist I (PHM I) performs public health laboratory testing to identify mycobacterial, Mycotic and parasitic pathogens using both classical and molecular methods, and reports results to submitters. The PHM I conducts specimen processing and analytical testing for a variety of pathogens (including Mycobacterium tuberculosis and highly pathogenic fungi), quality control, assists with test validation and verification studies to implement new test methods, uses the Microbial Diseases Laboratory (MDL) Lab Information System (LIMS), and updates protocols and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). The candidate is expected to have basic laboratory knowledge and skills in order to perform the duties of this position, including: culture inoculation and AFB staining, Gram stain, ability to use a pipette, demonstration of good aseptic technique, knowledge and understanding of basic operation of general laboratory equipment (incubators, freezers, autoclave), and demonstration of safe laboratory practices when handling infectious / hazardous materials. Work in this section is performed in Biological Safety Level (BSL) – 3, requiring the use of appropriate respirator protection, for moderate

amounts of time.

The incumbent works under the PHM Supervisor of the Mycobacterial Characterization Unit.

Please see details and apply here.

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