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Job Description and Duties

This position supports the California Department of Public Health’s (CDPH) mission and strategic plan by ensuring quality and timely provision of highly complex public health laboratory testing for the diagnosis and epidemiologic investigation of a variety of high-risk pathogens of great public health importance in the State of California. This position supports CDPH by overseeing the Advanced Laboratory Response Network – Biological (LRN-B), Tier 1 Select Agent – certified laboratory which is instrumental for CDPH’s role in emergency preparedness and response to biothreat agents.

The Research Scientist Supervisor II (RSS II) is the Chief of the High Risk Pathogens Section (HRPS) and provides overall supervision, administrative support, and scientific research and developmental guidance for a multifaceted program covering pathogenic bacteria and toxins, including those categorized as Tier 1 Select Agents (anthrax, botulism, plague, tularemia, brucellosis, glanders, melioidosis). The RSS II orchestrates highly detailed and complex research and public health investigations for the rapid identification and detection of potential agents of bioterrorism.

The RSS II provides direct supervision of staff consisting of Public Health Microbiologists and Research Scientists in the Select Agents & Laboratory Response Unit and the Adult & Infant Botulism Laboratory Unit. The RSS II may be delegated Technical and/or General Supervision over non-waived, high-complexity testing performed in the Section as defined by Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act (CLIA), and may serve as an Alternate Responsible Official (ARO) and a Principal Investigator over biological Select Agents and registered facilities that are regulated by the Federal Select Agent Program. The RSS II is responsible for ensuring compliance with all relevant federal, state and local regulatory quality and safety standards governing the breadth of work conducted in the Section.

The incumbent works under the under general direction of the Microbial Diseases Laboratory Program Chief.

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