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Los Angeles County: Public Health Microbiology Supervisor I

Los Angeles County PHL

Position Information:

Provides technical and administrative supervision of a public health laboratory unit performing standardized tests within a specialty or across specialty lines.

Classification Standards:

Positions allocable to this class exercise full supervisory authority in both technical and administrative matters over a group of Public Health Microbiologists and auxiliary personnel assigned to a laboratory unit. Incumbents have responsibility for planning, organizing, directing, and controlling all the work of such units under the general direction of a Public Health Microbiology Supervisor II. Public Health Microbiology Supervisors I assure that requested tests on all specimens submitted are conducted by appropriate subordinate personnel within stipulated time limits following exact, carefully prescribed procedures. Although incumbents may occasionally perform the work of their subordinates, their primary role requires their expediting the work of subordinates by improved planning and organization of the work. As an extension of this responsibility for improving laboratory operations, incumbents supervise a search of the literature for information about new or improved test methods, instruments, reagents or other material or supplies which way produce accurate and reliable test results more quickly and efficiently than the present system. Incumbents supervise the set up and conduct of controlled experiments to determine the feasibility of such proposals and make recommendations to laboratory management on the basis of their findings. Although Public Health Microbiology Supervisors I may delegate this type research and trial experimentation activity to responsible subordinate microbiologists, they retain responsibility for writing the detailed, step-by-step procedures for inclusion in the laboratory's manual an test performance, reagent preparation, the calibration, maintenance, and trouble shooting of equipment and related matters. Incumbents are responsible for the training and evaluation of all personnel in their unit and for effectively recommending disciplinary action and the adjustment of grievances. They also plan, organize, and direct implementation of the on-the-job training which is provided Public Health Microbiologist trainees in their units and consult with and instruct professional personnel from medical laboratories in the community who seek assistance in the proper conduct of tests in which the public health laboratory is considered expert.

Please see posting and apply here.

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