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Orange County: Public Health Microbiologist II

Orange County

This recruitment will establish an open eligible list. This list will be used to fill current and future Public Health Microbiologist II vacancies within the Health Care Agency. This recruitment may also be used to fill future vacancies in this classification as well as vacancies in similar and/or lower level classifications. THE OPPORTUNITY HCA is recruiting for a Public Health Microbiologist (PHM) II to perform complex standardized microbiological testing in areas such as: bacteriology, mycobacteriology (TB), parasitology, virology, and water quality for the detection of communicable disease causing agents. The incumbents will be critical in maintaining the quality of testing that Orange County Public Health Laboratory provides to a variety of clients and programs. The duties of the PHM II include, but are not limited to:

  • Provide high quality, public health laboratory services to clients

  • Conduct technical laboratory testing and analysis of a standardized and generally recurring nature using well defined procedures

  • Evaluate, validate, and/or verify new laboratory testing methods

  • Work with laboratory instruments and equipment including calibration and troubleshooting

  • Act as a technical expert for assigned areas and provide consultation to clients

  • Train, review, and oversee the work of PHM I(s), Laboratory Assistants, or PHM Trainees

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