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Santa Clara County: Microbiologist - U

Santa Clara County Public Health Lab


Under supervision, to perform microbiological, chemical and similar biological tests in a public health laboratory.


  • Makes microbiological examinations for the detection and identification of microbial and viral agents for the purpose of assisting in the detection, definition and control of diseases;

  • Makes microbiological and chemical examinations of daily products, food, water and other substances of importance to environmental sanitation;

  • Makes serological and biochemical examinations to assist in the detection, definition and control of disease;

  • Makes examinations for bacterial toxins or other toxic substances;

  • Performs hematological and chemical examinations on blood and other body fluids;

  • Assists in the collection and analyzing of laboratory data;

  • Completes records and makes reports;

  • May prepare difficult culture media, stains, and reagents for diagnostic and biological examinations;

  • Maintain proper safety precautions and procedures;

  • May assist in the training of students;

  • May assist in laboratory research by performing varied and specialized examinations using new procedures and apparatus;

  • Performs related work as required.


Possession of valid certificate as a public health microbiologist issued by the State of California Department of Public Health. Possession of a California Certificate as a Clinical Laboratory Technologist is desirable. Knowledge of:

  • The microbiological principles, techniques, equipment, and terminology used in the laboratory diagnosis of disease;

  • The chemical and bacteriological principles, techniques and terminology used in the examination of body fluids, foods and water; the common causes of disease and of the methods of transmission and control of communicable disease, general quality control procedures applicable to the general field of microbiology;

  • General knowledge of available scientific resource material. Ability to:

  • Keep records and make reports;

  • Perform public health laboratory tests skillfully;

  • Work cooperatively and effectively with others;

  • Analyze situations accurately and take appropriate action;

  • Observe safety precautions and procedures.

Please contact Brandon.Bonin@PHD.SCCGOV.ORG for additional details.

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