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Sonoma County: Public Health Microbiologist Trainee, I, & II - Extra-Help

Sonoma County

Public Health Microbiologist Trainee, I, & II - Extra-Help

$18.27 - $42.87/Hourly*

The County of Sonoma is seeking qualified candidates to fill multiple extra-help, temporary Public Health Microbiologist positions in the Public Health Laboratory of the Department of Health Services. These positions may also be filled at either the Public Health Microbiologist Trainee, I, or II level.

If you are interested in applying at the Trainee, I, and/or II levels, you will need to apply to the separate, concurrent recruitments being conducted for each level. Please Note: The Public Health Microbiologist Trainee level requires a statement from the Laboratory Field Services Division of the California Department of Health Services indicating that the applicant is an approved Public Health Microbiologist Trainee. The Public Health Microbiologist I & II level requires current possession of a valid Public Health Microbiologist Certificate issued by the California State Department of Public Health.

Public Health Microbiologist Trainee is an entry-level position. Within six months of employment, Trainees are expected to gain the knowledge needed to meet the minimum requirements for admission to the Public Health Microbiologist certification examination. As a Trainee, you will develop the technical knowledge of bacteriological, serological, mycological, parasitological, and other microbiological principles, techniques, equipment, and terminology used in a public health laboratory. In addition, you will learn to:

  • Make examinations for bacterial toxins or other toxic substances

  • Prepare stains, culture media, and reagents

  • Analyze and interpret laboratory data

  • Keep records and makes reports

Public Health Microbiologist I positions perform the less difficult laboratory work, receive training in more complex laboratory work, and acquire the experience and expertise to become qualified as a Public Health Microbiologists II. Public Health Microbiologist II positions perform difficult public health laboratory work. Both positions analyze and interpret laboratory data; make serological examinations to assist in the detection, definition, and control of disease; keep records; and make reports. They may also assist in laboratory research by performing varied and specialized examinations using new procedures and apparatus.

The ideal candidates for these positions will:

  • Have knowledge of laboratory equipment, its uses, and maintenance

  • Have knowledge of, and ability to, employ safety principles that apply to public health laboratory activities

  • Possess the ability to learn and apply all quality control methodologies prescribed to the operation of a public health laboratory

  • Be able to follow oral and written instructions, keep records, and make reports

  • Possess the ability analyze situations accurately and adopt an effective course of action

  • Have knowledge of common causes of disease, methods of transmission and control of communicable diseases, and the use of laboratory equipment and its care

  • Be able to quickly and accurately perform laboratory tests and analyses

About the Public Health Laboratory The Public Health Laboratory is an appointed LRN Reference Laboratory for testing of bioterrorism specimens in the catchment area of Sonoma, Mendocino, and Lake Counties. The Public Health Laboratory also provides laboratory services and consultation to Public Health programs and laboratory services to clinical laboratories through reference work and training. Private medical providers are offered support for the diagnosis and control of communicable diseases. Additionally, the Public Health Laboratory is a liaison to the California State Microbial Diseases Laboratory (MDL), State Viral and Rickettsial Disease Laboratory (VRDL), and National Centers for Disease Control. EXTRA-HELP EMPLOYMENT Extra-help employees relieve or augment permanent staff. Temporary, extra-help employees are not in the classified civil service and do not have property rights to permanently allocated positions. In addition, they do not receive most employee benefits such as: long-term disability insurance coverage; accrual of vacation; participation in the County retirement program; or eligibility to take promotional examinations. Temporary, extra-help employees are limited in their employment to a maximum of one calendar year. These employees must be off of work for three months before they can be re-employed on an extra help basis. Extra-help employees who meet the eligibility requirements may qualify for a County contribution toward medical coverage.

*Salary is negotiable and benefits described herein do not represent a contract and may be changed without notice. This recruitment is open continuously and may close at any time without notice. Applications received after the recruitment closes will not be accepted. For more information, including minimum qualifications, & to apply, visit or call 707-565-2331. EOE Apply Now

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