Public Health Microbiologist Training

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"Having worked as a CLS in microbiology for the past five years at a clinical lab, I’m going through the Public Health Microbiologist training to become a well-rounded microbiologist. I have enjoyed the training tremendously, especially for subjects that my previous CLS training didn’t cover much in depth."

- Cathy Yang

PHM Trainee, Class of 2019

Los Angeles County PHL

Interested in becoming a Public Health Microbiologist Trainee? Here's how:
  • ​For additional information about Public Health Microbiologist (PHM) training and certification please email California Department of Public Health Laboratory Field Services at
    • Register and obtain approval as PHM trainee through an online system called PERL
    • Contact approved public health laboratories for training
    • Interview and be selected as a trainee
    • Complete training and sit for state approved certification exam
  • Click here to download a list of PHLs that accept or do not accept trainees for 2020.​

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